UN 90-90-90 Target Workshop Final Report now available & Important Announcement

  • Over the past number of years, the Division of AIDS at the University of British Columbia (DAIDS-UBC), the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS (BC-CfE), and a number of international partners have coordinated the highly impactful series of International HIV Treatment as Prevention Workshops, which have contributed to building consensus around the importance of scaling up this life-saving intervention to attain the 90-90-90 targets by 2020. Following discussions between DAIDS-UBC, BC-CfE, and the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care (IAPAC), a decision has been taken to transition the coordination of the Workshop to IAPAC.

    We are pleased to confirm next year’s Workshop will therefore be hosted by IAPAC immediately preceding IAS 2017 in Paris. IAPAC will work with members of the Workshop’s Scientific Advisory Committee to design a robust, forward-leaning program that helps to continue our forward momentum toward attaining decisive, measureable targets.

    Further details and updates can be found on this website and at http://www.iapac.org.

    Download Final Report