2014 Workshop Videos

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    Wednesday, April 2nd 2014


    Emily Erbelding speaks on: Improving Treatment as Prevention: NAID Investments
    Richard Jenkins speaks on: Prevention and Treatment of HIV/AIDS Among Drug Using Population
    François Dabis speaked on: Theraputic Guidelines for Antiretroviral Treatment of Adult HIV Infection


    Bui Duc Duong speaked on: Maximizing Impact of Antiretroviral Therapy to End Epidemic in Viet Nam
    Christine Katlama speaked on: Country Based Initiatives Update: The French Guidelines in 2014
    Fábio Mesquita speaked on: First Steps of TasP in Brazil


    Christine Nabiryo speaked on: Community Mobilization TASO Uganda Model
    Joep MA Lange: Innovative Approaches to Financing and Sustaining HIV/AIDS Care and Prevention
    Kiran Jobanputra: Integrating TasP into HIV/TB Programmes - The Médecins Sans Frontières Experience