2014 Workshop Videos

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    Friday, April 4th 2014


    Christina Polyak speaks on: Acute HIV Infection: The Early Capture HIV Cohort (ECHO) Study
    Reka Gustafson speaks on: HIV Testing in Vancouver
    Carlos del Rio speaks on: Link and Retentions: What Works and What Doesn't


    Jean Nachega speaks on: HIV Treatment as Prevention: Adherence and Resistance Considerations
    Van Thi Thuy Nguyen speaks on: Serodiscordant Couples in Concentrated Epidemic
    Sam Phiri: Implementation lessons of Option B+ for Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission


    Susan Buchbinder: Treatment as Prevention and Other Approaches to Prevention in San Francisco
    Gus Cairns speaks on: Treatment as Prevention: Building Community Consensus
    Celso Filho speaks on: Clinical Benefits of Treatment as Prevention


    Haileyesus Getahun speaks on: Underestimated Benefits of Treatment as Prevention for TB
    H Nina Kim speaks on: Chronic Hepatitis B & HIV: Lessons in Treatment as Prevention
    John Ward speaks on: Treatment-based Strategies to Prevent HCV infection in the United States


    Harsha Thirumurthy speaks on: Microeconomic Impact of Treatment as Prevention
    Haward D Strickler speaks on: HPV and Related Neoplasm
    David Wilson speaks on: Underestimated Benefits of Treatment as Prevention: Gross Domestic Product


    Lindsey Richardson speaks on: Socio-economic marginalization and viral suppression
    Thomas Ker speaks on: The impact of compulsory drug detention centres
    Godfrey Esiru speaks on: Key insights from implementation of lifelong ART


    Ruanne Barnaba speaks on: Lifelong antiretroviral therapy for prevention of mother to child transmission
    Edward Mill speaks on: Socio-economic marginalization and viral suppression
    Jamie Forrest speaks on: Benefits of the implementation of the 2013 WHO guidelines


    Eva Vernooij speaks on: Mixed messages Perspectives from health providers and clients
    Angela Cescon speaks on: Elevated healthcare utilization rates
    Mead Over speaks on: The cost effectiveness of expansion option for adult ART in South Africa


    Samantha Diamond speaks on: Multi country analysis of the cost implications of different universal HIV treatment policy options